If I Take Enough of God's Word Long Enough, It Will Heal Me.

Healingskool.com is a supplemental tool for the local church. Healingskool.com‘s purpose is to train healing technicians – helping them to discover the graces and gifts God has given them. Healingskool‘s dual purpose also includes the physical healing of the sick.

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Healingskool.com is authored by Dana Shrader. Dana is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center – ’89 ‘90. She has traveled and ministered on the subject of individual and united prayer in the local church for 22 years. She and her husband, Pastor Lonnie Shrader pastor 2 churches in California. MyChurchTO – in Thousand Oaks California and MyChurchSB – in Santa Barbara California. Dana is the author of two books. YOU CAN PRAY and the children’s book, TONY TALKS IN TONGUES.

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With simple scripture packed formats – our HEALINGTEKS experience the healing anointing and are thereby trained by it. They are schooled in delivery of the Word and movement within the gifts of the Spirit!

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